Say Goodbye to Paid SERP APIs: Get Real-Time SERP Data for Free with SERPHouse

Say Goodbye to Paid SERP APIs: Get Real-Time SERP Data for Free with SERPHouse

Tired of breaking the bank on expensive SERP APIs? Want real-time search result data without sacrificing quality or transparency? Look no further than SERPHouse, the game-changer that’s empowering SEO professionals with a powerful, reliable, and free SERP scraping tool.

Before we dive into the SERPHouse goodness, let’s be clear: While you can access a generous amount of real-time search data without any cost, SERPHouse does offer paid plans for those who need unlimited searches and additional advanced features.

This blog will explore both the free and paid aspects of SERPHouse, providing complete transparency and helping you decide if it’s the perfect fit for your SEO needs.

Free Forever Features:

  • Real-time SERP scraping: Get instant insights into competitor rankings, keyword difficulty, featured snippets, and more.
  • Multiple location and device options: Analyze search results for specific locations and devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) to understand local SEO and user behaviour.
  • Keyword research: Discover related keywords, search volume trends, and competitor keyword strategies.
  • SERP history tracking: Monitor how search results change over time for any keyword.
  • User-friendly interface: Navigate SERPHouse with ease, even if you’re an SEO newbie.
  • Extensive documentation and support: Get help and answers whenever you need them.

Free Tier Limitations:

  • Search limit: You receive a generous number of free searches per month, but exceeding this quota requires upgrading to a paid plan.
  • Data export restrictions: Downloading bulk data is available on paid plans only.
  • Limited API access: Free users have restricted access to SERPHouse’s API for programmatic use.

Paid Plans for Power Users:

SERPHouse offers various paid plans catering to different needs.

If you regularly exceed the free search limit, want to export data in bulk, or require programmatic access through the API, these plans offer significant advantages:

  • Unlimited searches: Scrape as many SERPs as you need without worrying about hitting a limit.
  • Bulk data export: Download detailed search result data in various formats for further analysis.
  • Full API access: Integrate SERPHouse seamlessly into your workflow with programmatic control.
  • Priority support: Get quick and personalized assistance from the SERPHouse team.

Transparency is Key:

complete transparency

We believe in complete transparency with our users. While the free tier is incredibly powerful, it’s not designed for unlimited, heavy-duty SERP scraping.

If you have extensive SEO needs, a paid plan might be a better fit. However, for most SEO professionals, the free features of SERPHouse offer incredible value and functionality.

Who Should Use SERPHouse?

Whether you’re a solo SEO consultant, a large agency, or simply someone curious about search engine rankings, SERPHouse has something to offer:

  • SEO professionals: Gain valuable insights into keyword targeting, competitor analysis, and local SEO optimization.
  • Content creators: Understand search intent and user behaviour to create content that ranks higher.
  • Digital marketers: Get data-driven insights to optimize paid search campaigns and website traffic.
  • Anyone interested in SEO: Learn how search engines work and discover valuable keyword opportunities.


SERPHouse is a game-changer for anyone who needs real-time SERP data.

With its powerful free features and transparent pricing structure, it empowers users of all levels to take control of their SEO strategy.

So, ditch the expensive API subscriptions and unlock the world of free SERP API with SERPHouse. Your keyword rankings will thank you.