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Harvesting Data from Leading Search Engines with SERP API

We cover all the major search engines to ensure we get everything under one roof. You can use any search engine for your requirements. Our cutting-edge SERP API empowers you to effortlessly access, analyze, and leverage real-time SERP data.

Our API provides the top 100 SERP results for specific keywords across various search engines, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions and outperform your competition. 


Google Search API

Experience the future of SERP scraping with Google SERP API.

Easily integrate Google search results into your apps, tools, and platforms without manual scraping.

Automate web, image, and news searches to boost your SEO efforts.

Get ahead of the competition with us today!

Bing Search API

Access Bing search data programmatically using advanced Bing SERP API.

Easily scrape real-time results, supercharge your projects, and utilize the most accurate SERP data.

Developers can harness this data to create custom search engines, SEO research, and monitor keyword rankings.

Dive into Bing search API for scraping Bing results today!


Yahoo Search API

Developers can automate Yahoo search data retrieval to track website rankings for specific keywords.

Gain valuable SEO insights and make data-driven decisions to boost search visibility.

Explore the future of search with Yahoo SERP API from SERPHouse.

Easily scrape Yahoo search results and access real-time data for a more powerful Yahoo search experience!

What Makes Our SERP API Different

Our SERP Scraper API returns accurate structured data from popular search engines.

We support and provide real-time results worldwide, including locations, device types, HTML and JSON data, and multiple search types. Seize your share of the market before your opponents do!



Realtime Result

We perform a real-time search to ensure our customer gets real-time data for their requirement.


Built for volume

Our infrastructure is entirely dynamic. We configure our API performance at an account level. Our infrastructure is ready to handle any number of requests.


Location Accuracy

We support 120k+ locations around the world. You can target your search from our location list, and we will ensure you will get accurate data.



With Live SERP API, Each request runs immediately – no waiting, no queue. It will take 1 - 5 seconds to give you the result.


Pay on Success

Our pricing model is to pay on success. Our system only burns credits when you get a successful response. We do not burn credits for failed results.



We offer HTML and JSON response types. It's up to your requirement which data type fits your needs.

SERP API Playground

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Elevate Your SEO Game with SERP API Solutions?

Leverage the power of world-class SERP API technology. Who can claim that planning an SEO approach is a manageable task? 

  • Keyword Position Tracker
  • Content Optimization
  • Serp Tracking Tool
  • Market Research 
  • SERP Data Collection

Simplify SEO tasks with our SERP API. Digital Marketing Agencies, Webmasters, and Developers can easily integrate this data into their apps or workflows.

SERP API SEO tools improve results, optimize content, resolve website issues, and streamline data collection. Upgrade your SEO analysis, save time, and boost productivity.

Why Our Scraping API Is a Top Choice for Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Serphouse FAQ

We only count successful request. Failed requests needs to be retry.

We offer full refund unless you have not used 25% of your searches within a 10 days.

We offers a custom plans based on your requirement. You have to write us at with your Monthly/Yearly requirement.

Scraping public data is legal unless your usage is otherwise illegal. Illegal activities include but are not limited to: acts of cyber criminality, terrorism, pedopornography, denial of service attacks, and war crimes.

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