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Only SERPHouse returns accurate structured data from most popular search engines. We supports worldwide locations,  Device types and multiple search types.

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Best Performance

Our APIs are built to fuel any apps or seo-softwares and the performance is to scale at any level

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Scalable & Queueless

Cloud infrastructure is built to with stand high volume API requests without the need of a queue. We offer concurrent request threads to fill your requests.

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Detailed API docs

We have a detailed documentation, where you can find all you needed to make reliable integration.

All the data you need, under one roof

We have all the major search engines covered to sure, You will get everything under one roof. 
You can use any of search engine for your requirement.

Google Search API

A way for developers to integrate Google search results data into their own applications, tools, and platforms, without requiring them to manually scrape or parse the data from Google’s search results pages.

You can automate your searching needs over Google Web, images and new results. Simply integrate our REST API to get the data in structured JSON.

Bing Search API

Retrieve search engine data from Bing’s search engine results pages programmatically.

Bing SERP API can provide access to a wide range of search engine data, including organic search results, paid search results, local search results, image results, news results, and more. This data can be used by developers for a variety of purposes, such as building custom search engines, conducting SEO research, and monitoring search engine rankings.


Yahoo Search API

Developers can programmatically retrieve search engine data from Yahoo’s SERPs and use it to monitor the ranking of their website or web page for specific keywords or phrases. This can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and help them make data-driven decisions to improve their website’s search engine visibility.

We have covered all of your Top requirements. Yes, Yahoo SERP Data is also available. We offer Web, News, and Image API here. You can integrate our JSON API to automate your work.

Realtime Result

We performs a real time search to make sure our customer always gets an realtime data for their requirement.

Built for volume

Our infrastructure is completely dynamic. We configures our API performance at account level. Our infrastructure is ready to to handle any number of requests.

Localtion Accuracy

We supports 120k+ locations around the world. You can target your search from any of the our location list and we will make sure you will get the accurate data.


With Live SERP API Each request runs immediately – no waiting, no queue. It will take up to 1 - 5 seconds to give you the result

Pay on Success

Our pricing model is to pay on success. Our system only burn credits when you get the successful response. We do not burn credits for failed results.


We offers HTML and JSON response type. It's up to your requirement which data type fits to your requirement.

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What Makes Us Different?

Leverage the power of world-class SERP API technology

Who can claim that planning an SEO approach is not a painstaking & labor-intensive task? Keyword analysis, technical review, link building, Rank Tracker, increasing visibility of a website, analyzing the search results, all such tasks are simply a tiny fraction of an SEO’s periodic system. With SERPhouse Search API; Digital Marketing Agencies, Webmasters and Developers can utilize the data in order to blend them inside their private applications or business streams.

SERP API SEO tools provide a window of opportunity for their clients to employ SERP APIs and stimulate more favorable outcomes. SERPhouse API presents the Top-100 SERP results for a keyword, specific to the selected search engines like Google or Bing. Our integrated Google Search API & Bing Search API helps design optimized content, detect & fix website issues and further assist rationalize the entire process of data collection.

We employ Google Knowledge Graph API that lets users identify your business and reach out to you without even clicking on your webpage. You can design your search engine to explore both images & maps using Google Images API.

Implement new techniques into your SEO analysis to enhance productivity and conserve your time on hand-operated tasks. Seize your share of the market before your opponents do!

Why every business prefers SERPHouse SERP API

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99.95% Uptime
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Dedicated Support
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Enterprise Scaling

Frequently Asked Questions

SERP API Questions? Look here

Serphouse FAQ

We only count successful request. Failed requests needs to be retry.

We offer full refund unless you have not used 25% of your searches within a 10 days.

We offers a custom plans based on your requirement. You have to write us at [email protected] with your Monthly/Yearly requirement.

Scraping public data is legal unless your usage is otherwise illegal. Illegal activities include but are not limited to: acts of cyber criminality, terrorism, pedopornography, denial of service attacks, and war crimes.

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