Worldwide locations support

SERPHouse allows you to search Worldwide, Our Bing and Google Web search api support more than 100k locations, You can do any location specific search from the available locations

Search Engines

We provides data from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. worldwide with confidence that the SERP data will be accurate regardless of the page layout.

Easy to use

We build pretty complex tools and this allows our customer to build own SEO tool.

Location Based

We provides results in REST JSON format. Requests are sent using HTTP GET, responses are delivered in lightweight JSON format.That is very easy to use.

We our supports total 135,688 locations Worldwide, You can target any of those location while using our api.


We use Google Geographical Targeting, that’s why you can use it as a data source. These are the location types Autonomous Community, Borough, City, Country, County, Governorate, Municipality, Postal Code, Prefecture, Province, Region, State, Territory, Union Territory.






Postal Code


National Park

Powerful Locations API.

Locations API is free of cost, You can retrive the result as needed, We also recommends you to create your own location database from our API. So you don’t need to call this location API each time when it’s needed.

Accurate Global Locations

Internally we use the Google Geotargets So when you use any location from these CSV, Our API will return the result for sure. SERPHouse routes your request through the proxy server nearest to your desired location to ensure accuracy.

Your Ad appearance

When you are running the Ad campaign for the different locations at that time, Using our API you can easily verify your ad appearence that it’s showing up correctly or not as per your ad campaign.

Worldwide Supported

Only SERPHouse returns accurate structured data from any Google location worldwide, on any device and for multiple search types.

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