We provides flexibility to choose Device such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Because Search engine provides different results for different devices.


Search Engine provides result based on user location. So we are allowing user to choose what location and language they want to target.

Postback & Pingback

We sends ping to url that provided by user once the search is completed. Postback includes result data. While pingback just calls that url with task id

Real Time

Each API request runs immediately – no waiting for results.

It will take upto 5 seconds to return the result


In addition, each API request runs in a full browser, and we'll even solve all CAPTCHAs. Mimicking completely what a human will do. This guarantees that you get what users truly see.

JSON Results

Regular organic results are available as well as Maps, Related Search, People also ask, Answer box, People also serch for and Knowledge Graph.

Ad Results

Retrive ad result in JSON response of request (Supported on Google Only)


Extract data as google & bing provides results for Desktop device


We support tablet device as search engine provides different results based on device


Extract mobile device result, As now a days people usage smartphones a lot

Result snippets

With Google and Bing SERP api you can get below result snippets in JSON response

  • Ad Result (Paid result)
  • Organic Result
  • Knowledge Graph
  • People also ask
  • Local map pack
  • People also search for
  • Related search
  • Carousel

Recently, We have introduced image api, Where you can perform Google and Bing image search and get result in json resonse

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