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Take a looks at the most frequently asked questions and answers about SERP data, accuracy, scalability, API features, billing and account management.

Meet SERPHouse

Answer: SERPHouse renders pages in an in-memory browser (executing all page-level Javascript just as a "real" browser would), this means the results you see via SERPHouse are exactly what a real user would see when they browse Google on a desktop, mobile or tablet device. SERPHouse uses the mobile Safari for mobile and tablet rendering and Chrome for desktop rendering.
Answer: Each request to the SERPHouse Search API will decrement your monthly search quota by 1, regardless of the device type chosen (i.e. mobile and tablet requests are charged just the same as desktop requests).
Answer: The SERPHouse API supports nearly 100% of search result types returned by Google, including web results, image results, video results, news results, shopping results, sponsored ads, questions, and much more.
Answer: The SERPHouse API is using a proxy network and proprietary scraping technology to retrieve SERP data from search engines in an automated fashion whenever API requests are made. SERP data is publicly available and anyone can access it.
Answer: The SERPHouse Free Plan is a way of getting familiar with the API, offering basic API functionality and a limitation of 100 monthly searches. As soon as you need a higher volume or advanced API features, you can choose from one of the premium subscriptions or contact us for a custom solution.

Why We Special

"Get structured JSON from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines from our fast, easy and complete API."

Search Engines

We provides data from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. worldwide with confidence that the SERP data will be accurate regardless of the page layout.

Easy to use

We build pretty complex tools and this allows our customer to build own SEO tool.


We provides results in REST JSON format. Requests are sent using HTTP GET, responses are delivered in lightweight JSON format.That is very easy to use.

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